St Mary’s R.C. Primary School, Whitstable, Kent

School Library – Stained Glass Memorial Window

Our studio was commissioned October 2018 to design and manufacture a memorial stained glass window dedicated to deceased Fr. Charles Owen, school Chaplain and schoolteacher Maria Luisa O’Conner.

The design was to include Maria’s Spanish roots including the flag of the Galicia region, the scallop shell and cross of St James reminiscent of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. The lily simply Marias favourite flower and the symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s purity.

Fr. Charles originated from Liverpool and so an image of the iconic Liver Building of Liverpool and the great Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King is depicted. Fr. Charles loved music and a panel illustrates various musical instruments.

The quoted expression of Father – “Do your best and God will do the rest” is central in the design.

Both Maria and Fr. Charles had a great love of books; classic children’s literature and especially – Roald Dahl – ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory depicted:  

The window illustrates aspects of the lives of Fr. Charles and Maria.  

For the future this window will serve as a lasting memorial to them in the library but a very direct joyous learning tool for teaching the children who pass through the school.  Stained glass has always had this function from medieval times in the great Cathedrals like Canterbury and still serves this purpose today.

Installed February 2020.