Many things have fueled my creativity including travels to Venice, Florence and Rome – the relationship of materials in architecture, stone, wood iron, glass, light, water and movement. Journeys in France to Romanesque and Gothic churches containing Jewels of light within the geometry and symmetry of the limestone and granite. We cannot forget Chartres, as at Canterbury, a wealth of images leaving unforgettable lasting impressions. Matisse windows at The Chapel of the Rosary, Vence in the south of France and the Chagall’ windows at All Saints Church, Tudeley, Kent, a short journey for us here; they both thankfully discovered the medium and left us their great works– inspiration for us all!

Henri Matisse (1869-1934) the great French artist, painter, Architect and glass designer once said, …… “I am fully aware that a painters best spokesman is his work”. As a visual artist I hold on to that dictum – respond to our own creativity as well as the work of others; art and architecture and of course the natural world.

The design, manufacture and installation of the works are the climax of long periods of preparation. The initial discussions with clients, Architects, committees or whoever may have an interest. This process can be a testing time – one must be strong and forthright and not allow creativity to be submerged or caught up in a web of restrictions! All work needs its own breath to breathe!

Once the innumerable hurdles have been overcome e.g. planning permission; Diocesan faculty- creativity begins! The simplicity of expression scribed on paper, the design can be drawn, always with the consideration of the brief. A window is always in context, part of the fabric of the building, it is not as a stand-alone painting with a frame in a gallery. It must be expressed in symmetry with the building and the building orientation governed by the natural world, the light being a major ingredient. I am conscious each commission contains elements from past works and experience. Familiar rhythms are expressed in other forms, colour, shape; many elements gathered together making the whole piece.

Once all parties concerned approve the design the full size cartoon is drawn. The scale of the window will now show itself and the studio begins to buzz as handmade and mouth blown glasses are selected and displayed for consideration.

Selections are made treatments to the glass surface begins, i.e. cutting, painting, staining, etching and kiln firing. The careful process of building the panels in lead cames; weatherproofing, packing and transporting the fragile glass panels to site and installation. It is only then that the true image is realised. The glass is finally placed within its context – the building and the light.

We stare up at our creation and trust the work has succeeded in realizing its brief.