Cafe Royal, Regent Street, London

Heraldic painted and stained leaded glazing depicting the portrait of Daniel Nicolas– the founder of The Café Royal 1865 and his wife Celestine, manufactured circa 1900.

The 3 no. leaded glass windows and related ironwork removed to our studio, conserved and restored including the replacement of damaged painted segments. Frames refurbished by our metalworkers.

Restored frames and glass reinstated in preparation for the re-opening of the restored hotel.

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The Maughan Library, Chancery Lane, London

The remains of King George IV heraldic panels from the Rolls Chapel discovered in extremely poor condition during the restoration of the building.

The glass fragments transported to the studio, complete conservation and restoration of the panels and iron frame.

The conserved heraldry and restored frame fitted in the entrance of the new Maughan Library, Kings College, London in preparation for the opening by HM The Queen.

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Hampton Court Palace

Great Hall, Oriel window

Conservation of the painted, stained and leaded glazing and related ironwork.

For more information, read the Post Conservation Report. The PDF will open in a new tab.

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The Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

Glass Appliqué Windows designed and manufactured by the Lawrence Lee Stained Glass Studio circa 1960.

Conservation cleaning and the manufacture and replacement of missing faceted “Dalle de Verre” fragments matching the original in size and texture.

Fragments bonded to existing glass with an expoxy-resin.

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The Clothworkers Company, Clothworkers Hall, London

Painted, kiln fired, silver stained and flashed/etched mouth blown antique leaded glass panels designed and manufactured by Lavers, Barraud and Westlake late 19th Century.

The 12 no. panels were originally installed at the Mary Datchelor School of Camberwell, South London named after and in honour of the foundress. Conservation cleaning of panels including replacement of missing and damaged painted fragments.

The conserved panels mounted in new oak timber frames for exhibition display.

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